Cards Unlimited BV fight against cancer as business friend of KWF Kankerfonds

Annually, 91,000 people are diagnosed with cancer. That’s 10 people per hour … and so too much. Therefore Cards Unlimited BV is KWF Business Friend of the Dutch Cancer Society in action against this disease.



Cards Unlimited BV contributes to tomorrow
And supports scientific cancer
Everyone deserves a tomorrow

Cards Unlimited BV shares the dream of millions of people: a world where cancer is no longer a fatal disease. It would be nice if this dream comes true. Therefore Cards Unlimited BV supports KWF Kankerfonds (cancer foundation) in order to make this happen.

Worldwide, scientists are working towards the day when cancer is no longer a fatal disease. They do this as fast as they can and as soon as they are enabled to do so.

KWF Business Friend
As KWF Business friend Cards Unlimited BV Supports cancer research. With a fixed monthly amount for research and development of KWF fellows. Partly because of this we help talented young researchers to gain experience in cancer research. These top talents in cancer research prove a very good investment: many former fellows now hold top positions in cancer research.

Cards Unlimited has chosen to examine Wouter van Elmpt


Wouter van ElmptWouter van Elmpt

MAASTRO Clinic & Maastricht UMC

Research: Improving treatment of lung cancer


My research

Focuses on the imaging of biological characteristics of lung tumors such as blood flow, oxygenation and tumor activity. By improving and combining the current scanning techniques (perfusion CT, PET) we can better determine the radiosensitivity of the tumor. We can then use this information to individually create the optimal plan of treatment for each patient.