Thermal printing

Thermal printing is the most common way to personalize. A print ribbo available in different colors, is heated and then the text will be blended into the top layer. This makes it very scratch resistant.

The text can be printed in different fonts and typefaces. Printing full color passport photos, logos and barcodes is wat the thermal printer is capable of. The card can be printed on both sides at the same time in a single run. Our plastic card printers are also equipped with a magnetic encoder unit and ACG reader / writer for RFID Mifare.

Potential thermal printing

  • Monochrome printing of unique numbers, pin, bar codes and other variable data
  • All over full color printing of images, adjust in accordance with ING.
  • Applying security film
  • Duplex printing in one run
  • Encoding of magnetic stripe
  • Describe and reading contactless RFID cards
  • Capacity of approximately 80,000 cards per day monochrome

High speed inkjet

Drop on Demand Inkjettechnology

High Speed inkjet

Thanks to our High Speed ​​Inkjet Line which equiped with the newest Drop on demand inkjet technology we are able to personalize a rate of 25,000 cards per hour in high quality. The inkjet line also features an inline labeler leaving a scratch-off label that can be applied to the card. With this new technology, a high turnover rate is achieved for large quantities and lead times are short to for costs savings.


  • High speed printing of variable data such as barcodes and unique pin numbers
  • Inkjet quality up to 521 DPI
  • Encoding of magnetic stripe
  • Personalization of various commodities such as paper, PVC, polystyrene or environmentally friendly raw materials
  • Personalization with custom sizes
  • Highly reliable thanks to sophisticated control software



When embossing the card is punched at the back allowing the front numbers or letters to raise and palpable. This type of customization is usually encounters with credit cards or hospital pass. Embossing is always being done in a fixed font and with different types of tipping. Tipping is the color that is added to the raised letters. The card will get a very chic look. However, you must be aware that the layout on the back of the card, where the punched text will be, is unreadable.

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