Project Management

Due to the distinctiveness character of Cards Unlimited in the market, we conducted alongside our existing expertise in the field of ID cards, members-, customer and access cards, loyalty and gift cards a number of strategic innovations that we continue evolve to the needs of venturous Netherlands.

In addition to our core business, we act as a category manager and sparring partner in the world of gift cards and e-vouchers to optimize our services and offer a total concept. This service works in two directions, on both towards the content providers and retail channels Cards Unlimited acts as adviser.

Cards Unlimited has been at the basis of the introduction of gift cards in the Dutch market and has a large retail network and a lot of knowledge in this market. Besides our specialization in the production of cards, we share our expertise with our customers by advising on strategy and commercial level.

Full Service partner, we add value

Director Patrick van Etten, “We are undergoing a tremendous growth and we want to continue to grow happily in the number of partners we work with. Especially in times of severe weather we like to be the partner who helps retailers to maximize their business. By applying our knowledge and experience we bring the parties together at the right time, we create valuable opportunities for our partners. As a full service partner we work on intensive cooperation with our customers and partners to create value.

We make our business as transparent and lucrative as possible to offer even faster and better service to our customers, consistent with our focus on innovation and delivering a tangible contribution to both our partners and customers. The input of our partners help us for future development to continue to innovate strategically.”

Optimal commercial agreements

Cards Unlimited excels to “unburden”. We implement the entire prepaid category with optimal commercial arrangements and conditions for the retailer by using our expertise, network and independence. With these projects you have to deal with various disciplines and parties. As Category Manager we bring everything together so that the retailer can focus its energy on other important issues. The category may consist of gift cards, prepaid cards, e-books, game cards and packaging. The category management exists covering engineering, commerce, logistics, invoicing flow and store presentation.

Jumbo Supermarkets / V & D

Cards Unlimited has in the past few years, implemented this category successfully and satisfactorily for Jumbo Supermarkets and V & D.