Plastic Card Mailings

In this modern age, everybday there are thousands of plastic cards in circulation to be sent to the end user. Debit cards, credit cards, loyalty or loyalty cards, student cards, health cards, etc. are sent by letter to the final customer.

Obviously you want your plastic card to arrive at the right moment at your audience. Whether this should be done through a single large mailing, on call when your new customers present themselves or through a monthly mailing to new members. Cards Unlimited has two highly advanced card mailing machines to do the job.



This extremely modern card mailing machines offer a reliable and efficient solution for many kinds of mailings. The out reading of bar codes, magnetic stripe and contactless chips, makes the machine multifuctional. The software makes it possible to place up to four plastic cards on a bracket, allowing a saving on postage costs for mailings. The line is also equipped with two attachment stations which can add attachments to the mail pack. The unique folding machine allows the letter containing the card te be folded in Z, C or V-fold to fit in envelopes.


After placing the plastic cards in the machine the information will be read from the plastic card. The systems control software, connects with a database and then automatically prints the matching letter. During transport, the plastic card gets provided with a self-adhesive label while at the same time a barbode is printed on the letter. The barcode is used to ensure that the card and the letter actually belong together (matching). Subsequently, the plastic card is automatically attached to the letter and passed to the inserter.


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